Why Graphic Designers Are Needed at Online Casinos

The main purpose of graphic design is to use images to communicate a message. In advertising this message is usually convincing potential customers to buy a product. When a web user clicks onto an online casino the owner of the site wants the user to sign up and start playing their games. Graphic designers are needed in order to use their skills to communicate this message.

What design elements can graphic designers use to help get customers to sign up?

  • User Interface

The interface should be easy to use and seemingly invisible to the user. The hyperlinks to sign in pages should be accessible with a simple click.

  • Page Layout

This is one of the most important elements. A graphic designer should have the skills to place all elements correctly in their optimal size and space. A designer should ask “which information is the most important?” It is this information that the page should be designed around. If the client wants a certain promotion emphasized the designer should consider using color, typography and images to highlight this message.

  • Images

A client may ask the designer to create a new logo to communicate brand identity. They may also want covers illustrated for the individual casino games. Those who enjoy illustration the most will savor the opportunity for a commission. Image placement is also important for conveying the message in the client brief. What information should be expressed? Images can help do this. For instance, a character may point to a piece of text. Images can also be used as links to separate pages.

  • Typography

This is one of the most important elements on a casino page. The message of the brief can be easily conveyed through text. If the client wants customers to join the site then text saying “JOIN” is commonly visually emphasized. This text almost always also doubles as a hyperlink to the sign up page.

When creating a casino home page the graphic designer is responsible for establishing the company’s brand identity. A graphic designer is useful for creating a casino page for a number of reasons. They bring their professional skills to the project which include :

  • The ability to create a minimalist page, free from clutter.
  • The skills to prioritize information into a hierarchy.
  • The ability to create a work that is easily readable.

Graphic designers are ideal because their skills are often transferable to web design. They can create site layouts that are more aesthetically pleasing and complex than those made by regular site designers. They can mix aesthetic with function in a way that is unique. The main difference between graphic design and web design is the medium.

Web designers are more restricted by their programming. A web designer may not necessarily have the art and design skills to make a good looking site. It may function well but that often is not enough, especially when the client wants to focus the project from a corporate advertising angle.

A graphic designer will begin a project from a visual side. This gives them an edge over regular web designers because they have the essential art skills they can bring to the job.

When hiring someone to create a casino site a client will often look for a graphic designer who specializes in user interface design. This type of designer will be able to create a visually pleasing site that also has effective functionality.

Being able to balance these two elements make a UID specialist the most ideal candidate for creating an online casino site layout. Being able to utilize images, text and color to communicate the client’s intentions while also creating a functional site make graphic designers perfect for the job.