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Graphic design is the use of illustration, digital art, casino designs, photography and typography to communicate a message. A graphic designer will be commissioned by a client to create a project using their image and art skills. They must read their assignment brief carefully and work their art around the idea they have been asked to convey.

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What makes a good graphic designer?

A good graphic designer should be able to effectively communicate the message that a client wants via their image design skills. Interpreting the specific needs of a client and conveying it onto a page is essential. A graphic designer should not only have basic graphics skills. They should also be able to listen to briefs carefully, research their topic, develop their concept and finally be able to balance their aesthetic with the function of the project.

Mixing aesthetic and function is what separates a graphic designer from a basic illustrator. To master graphic design, you must get to grips with five design concepts. These are:

  • Balancing structure and stability
  • Direction and organization
  • The use of contrast for impact
  • Repetition to strengthen and unify
  • Aligning motifs to create a clearer message

The applications of graphic design are numerous. Its most common use is for selling a product or creating a corporate brand. A company may commission a graphic designer to create their brand identity by designing a company logo, brand text, packaging or advertisement.

The skills a good graphic designer should have to get a job include:

  • Good knowledge of color

This includes the ability to communicate emotion through the correct color scheme and can utilize the color wheel correctly to create an aesthetically pleasing color layout.

  • Creativity

They must be able to research past designs and expand upon them, creating their own unique work. They should be confident and able to experiment to create new, interesting and innovative designs.

  • Typography skills

They need to know what text font is correct and appropriate for their project. They should be able to illustrate type faces when needed rather than relying on pre- designed program fonts.

  • Grasp of page layout

A page layout is the overall design and arrangement of different elements on the page. These include the text, images and style. A graphic designer should know the best way to place an image, the correct size it should be and how it should integrate with all the other elements.

Digital image enhancement programs are utilized by graphic designers to aid them in the creative process. Images can be hand drawn then scanned and edited on a computer. Alternatively, the image can be created digitally from scratch.

Increased advances in digital image editing technology has created a new form of graphic design work: user interface design. Graphic designers who specialize in UID work to create simple user interaction on computer programs.

Typography and images don’t just communicate a message or idea. They also act as links within a web page. Like basic graphic design the main goal is to balance function and aesthetic.

Graphic design is an increasingly popular sector amongst young people who like the idea of getting paid to be creative. Those interested in pursuing a career should be able to work to specific client briefs, take on negative criticism and most importantly, be reliable.

As the tools available to graphic designers expand so too do the applications and opportunities that graphic design promises. It is an ever-evolving creative community. A successful designer should know how to utilize all their available resources to create something original and innovative. In corporate terms a graphic designer is the bridge between and company and the public. The designer uses their art skills to become the company’s mouth piece.