Different Jobs and Tasks of a Graphic Designer

When a student completes a graphic design degree they will be greeted with a number of job offers. Thanks to the different variety of jobs available it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is right for them. Referring to this list will help. Due to the large amount of applications that graphic design offers there are numerous job types available for prospective graphic designers. These include:

  • Multimedia Designer

Working in this area, a designer will integrate multiple media forms. Projects that require interactive applications will often hire a multimedia designer. Those interested in video games or casino games and website design may need to learn to work on more than one medium.

  • Web Designer

This is one of the most popular and growing sectors in graphic design. Clients are attracted to the fact that those with expertise in graphic design will be able to balance aesthetic and functionality.

  • Creative Director

In this role the candidate works to plan and create a project for a client. The role is team based rather than individual work (which some graphic designers may be more used to). The job will often involve advertising projects and requires the candidate to supervise the entire creative process. Creative directors must guide an entire team who work under them.

  • Photo Editor

A photo editor will use computer software to touch up, edit and crop already shot photos. They must have a keen eye, the willingness to work with someone else’s art and the IT skills to use digital photo editing software.

  • Architecture & Engineering Drafter

These workers utilize software to convert technical drawings made by engineers and architects. This job is usually undertaken by those who already specialize in civil, mechanical and architectural drafting.

  • Video & Film Editor

Those who want this job will need a key eye for color. This is because the job will often require the candidate to use film editing software in order correct color in moving images. They will work closely with the director to create a finished film or video by working through the uncut “rushes”.

  • Product Designer

This is a multifaceted job that includes conceptualizing potential products, creating product prototypes, creating style guides, writing building requirements for engineers and many other roles in between. It’s a fulfilling job for creative types who can handle the pressure of multitasking.

  • Flash Designer

This is role for those who want to work in animation. They utilize multimedia software in order to create web content. Obviously the ideal candidate must be an expert in Flash software and be able to work with the software for extended periods of time.

  • Art Director

This job entails designing the visual style of an art work. This may include films, television shows, magazines, newspapers and product packaging. They develop the overall design of the product and therefore an ideal candidate will need to have a broad and varied skill set. They must also be able to multitask and work alongside a team in a managerial role.

  • Logo Designer

This is a corporate role that is heavily based in digital image editing and illustration. In order to maximize potential employability a graphic design student should compile a large and varied portfolio. This way they can show off all the different skills and styles that they are capable of.

  • Brand Identity Designer

This role entails communicating how a company should be perceived by customers. Designers must be original, creative and able to fully meet all requirements stated in their client brief. Those with a flair for design who are also corporately minded are perfect for the role.

  • Layout Artist

This job is usually in the commercial sector and involves assembling different images in order to create a visual design. The ideal candidate will be familiar with layout theory such as how to emphasize required information by using color and size editing.